As a result of this, the site has collaborated with the world’s most i…

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As a result of this, the site has collaborated with the world’s most innovative developers to create a huge and innovative games’ library, which features more than 1,500 virtual slots alone.

Within this number, you’ll find some massive progressive jackpots (some of which offer seven-figure prizes to players), while the game variety here is almost unparalleled in the Canadian market.

As a new player, you’ll also qualify for a 100% deposit match up to the value of $500, along with 120 free spins on a select number of slots.

We were also impressed with the depth and quality of customer support at Party Casino, which is available 24/7 and features an effective live chat platform when dealing with real-time queries.

Once again, there’s an exceptional live casino platform available here, which is dominated by the award-winning Evolution Gaming brand and features superb and ground-breaking titles like Lightning Roulette.

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